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Free software application to test Internet connection speeds

SpeedSpot offers you a fast and accurate method to test the speed of an existing Internet connection. It will clearly display the results in a matter of seconds, so finding any connectivity problems is much less complicated. This can be employed for personal or business use, as it will also display other nearby wireless hotspots. There is no charge to install this software, so it may be preferable to paid alternatives.

Basic Features and Usability

SpeedSpot will 'ping' a specific wireless Internet connection on request. Then, its software measures the response time. This will normally be displayed in milliseconds. Users can likewise see speed strength in terms of megabytes per second. Past results may be monitored by those looking to see if any improvements have occurred over time. An automatic bandwidth calculator is another useful tool, for it enables users to estimate the amount of time required to download a specific file.

Other Interesting Options

Speed tests can be initiated with a single tap and most will take less than 20 seconds to complete. SpeedSpot will work with both wireless Internet and mobile phone networks. It can be paired with a companion application to encounter the most efficient hotspots around the world. Results may also be recorded for diagnostic or technical purposes.


  • This mobile phone application is free to download and use
  • All results are displayed in an intuitive and user-friendly format


  • Users will be presented with numerous in-app purchases
  • Older operating systems may have compatibility issues with this software bundle

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Speed Check & WiFi Finder


Speed Check & WiFi Finder 5.1.16 for iPhone

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